Thingy AI Platform

At it's heart, Thingy is a multimodal AI conversation engine for natural human dialog between people, and their favorite brands, products and services developed on Generative AI and experienced seamlessly through your browser

Tailored for versatility, our platform supports everything from basic chats to full-scale, immersive experiences across devices. Embrace the simplicity of smarter interactions with Thingy, where innovation meets practicality, driving your digital strategy forward.

So, What is a Thingy?

Picture an always-on, super chatty, and incredibly versatile AI personified as your ultimate conversation companion.

Thingy is a Closed & Narrow AI 

Give Thingy your data, content, videos, or whatever floats your boat, and voilà! Thingy will be as focused as a laser beam on whatever info you throw its way. Thingy is like having a super smart friend who only talks about stuff you're interested in when you ask.

Thingy is a Master of Disguise

Always on, ready to converse with you in all sorts of ways—whether you prefer typing away on your keyboard, having a good old-fashioned chat, or even watching a video of its digital avatar doing its thing. Plus, it's not just limited to chatting—it can dive into documents and resources too, all to make sure your interaction is as smooth as silk!


Just open up your browser, summon Thingy, and let the fun begin!


Thingy doesn't just speak one language — it's like a linguistic acrobat, flipping and twirling through a dazzling array of tongues!

Thingy Performs Best when

Focused on Your Goals

Measurable Outcomes

With the power of a closed and narrow AI, Thingy effortlessly engages in natural conversations with your customers, leading them towards your desired goals. Armed with sentiment analysis and intention workflows, Thingy thrives when directed towards your specific objectives and measurable outcomes.

Acquisition of Customers, Patients and Learners

Onboarding for Products & Services

Retain and Grow Your Customers, Patients & Learners

Content Mapping

Thingy maps your content to conversational flows and user journeys t ensure logical structuring and seamless navigation.


By segmenting your content based on user intent, context, and engagement levels Thingy deliver personalized and relevant responses.

Intention Workflows

With AI generated workflows, Thingy intelligently drives the user towards a measurable outcome like Booking a Meeting and Making a Purchase.

Conversational Checkout

Powered by Thingy, a natural conversation leads to a checkout - ka'ching! - streamlining the purchasing process, providing a seamless and personalized experience for customers. By guiding users through natural conversations, Thingy enhances engagement, reduces friction, and ultimately boosts conversion rates for businesses.


Enhanced Customer Experience

"Thingy" elevates the customer experience by providing personalized, interactive, and engaging interactions across various channels, catering to user preferences and convenience, leading to higher satisfaction and loyalty.

Increased Conversion Rates

By guiding users through the sales funnel, offering personalized recommendations, and addressing objections, "Thingy" helps increase conversion rates and drive revenue growth.


Elevate Your Conversations: Bring your CEO, brand ambassador, support, and sales team together in one powerful AI tool. With "Thingy," you can elevate your conversations by offering dynamic and intelligent interactions that go beyond simple chatbots, creating memorable brand experiences. Multimodal = Text, audio, video, etc. As if it were natural human conversation with accessibility.  

Economic Value

Cost Savings: transform user engagement. Reduce costs to pennies per interaction compared to traditional chatbot and call center expenses. By automating repetitive tasks and providing efficient customer support, "Thingy" helps reduce operational costs, including customer service expenses and call center overheads.

Consistent Brand Representation

"Thingy" ensures consistent brand representation across all communication channels, maintaining brand voice, values, and identity, thereby strengthening brand recognition and loyalty. As a Narrow AI that learns exclusively from the data you provide it, Thingy efficiently consolidates complex information, concepts, and interactions in near-real time.


Through AI-driven personalization, "Thingy" tailors interactions based on user preferences, behaviors, and history, delivering relevant and timely content and recommendations.

Continuous Learning

Learning and Adaptation: "Thingy" continuously learns from user interactions, adapts to changing preferences and trends, and improves its responses over time, ensuring relevance and effectiveness.

Available 24/7

With "Thingy," users can access support, information, and assistance anytime, anywhere, providing round-the-clock availability and convenience.

Data-Driven Insights

"Thingy" provides valuable data-driven insights and analytics on user interactions, engagement metrics, and performance indicators, empowering informed decision-making and optimizations.

And much more...

Thingy is
more than a chatbot

Context Maintenance

'Thingy' excels in maintaining context throughout conversations, ensuring seamless interactions and a more personalized user experience.

Brand Consistency

Unlike traditional chatbots, 'Thingy' is designed to embody the personality and voice of the brand, maintaining consistency across all customer touchpoints.

Integration Possibilities

'Thingy' offers greater integration capabilities, allowing for seamless integration with existing systems and platforms to enhance functionality and performance.


'Thingy' goes beyond text-based interactions, supporting multiple modalities such as speech, video, and images for a more immersive and engaging user experience.

Narrow AI Super Agent

Positioned as a first-generation Super Agent, 'Thingy' leverages narrow AI to provide more intelligent and contextually aware responses, enhancing the quality of interactions.

Data Utilization

'Thingy' leverages data, including documents, videos, and other information provided by the brand, to deliver more accurate and relevant responses tailored to user inquiries.

Customer Engagement

By offering a broader spectrum of interaction capabilities and personalized experiences, 'Thingy' drives deeper customer engagement and fosters stronger brand relationships.

And more...

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