Meet Thingy:
A Conversation Engine Platform

Beyond Description, Yet Essential in Every Way

Unleash the Magic of Conversational Interaction.
Converse with your favourite brands, products, and more through generative AI, personified.

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Thingy Platform

Our Thingy Platform is a Multimodal AI Conversation Engine (MAICE) that humanizes interactions with users, guiding them through natural conversations tailored to their needs.
With advanced AI capabilities, Thingy facilitates personalized engagements, streamlining communication and enhancing user satisfaction. From lead generation and concierge services to customer support and conversational checkout Thingy revolutionizes the way businesses interact with their audience to  driving efficiency, boost conversions and foster meaningful connections.

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Our Thingy Products

Just like your customers, your Thingy can come in all shapes and sizes - tailored to your desired outcomes. While we can design a custom Thingy, we find our clients tend to use one or more of our favourite Thingy Product formats.

Thingy Chat

This is not your father's chatbot. Thingy Chat is a multimodal AI conversation engine, personified for your brand, products or services. This always-on AI Agent is perfect for engaging in traditional chat, but with the utility of all our Thingy Platform with smart AI functionalities.

Thingy Mobile

Specially developed for a mobile-first experience, browser-based Thingy Mobile brings the best of our Thingy Platform to all your mobile channels. Seamlessly integrating with your mobile interfaces to enhance user engagement and accessibility, ensuring a smooth and dynamic experience across all devices.

Thingy Hero

Unleash the full potential of our Thingy Platform directly within your Hero Header.
Let Thingy Hero be the user's initial introduction to your company, seamlessly integrating into the site's user experience.

Thingy Desktop

This is the near term future of Generative AI. Browser-based Thingy Desktop pulls the full power of our Thingy Platform to a fullscreen user experience. Thingy's intelligent interface dynamically updates and interacts with all on-screen elements for a true immersive digital interaction revolution.

Thingy Plus

Coming Soon...Thingy Plus takes all the wonder of our Thingy Platform and allows your users to interact on their Televisions, Projection Systems, large scale Audio Visual Platforms and Digital Signage Platforms.
Hang On as Thingy takes center stage!

Thingy Labs

At Thingy Labs, the joy of having fantastic customers lies in their continuous use, challenges, and push for innovation with our Thingy Platform. We thrive on evolving based on their needs and requests, eagerly anticipating the unveiling of our latest use cases, features, and experiences to enhance our platform.

Thingy Studio

Done For You Service

Make Thingy Your Next Big Thing!

Discover the magic of personalized AI with our "Done for You Service" at Thingy! Crafting a Thingy isn't rocket science, but it's not a walk in the park either. We work hand-in-hand with you to tailor, create, and deploy the ideal Thingy that suits your specific needs and goals. Embrace the simplicity of bringing your Thingy to life, seamlessly fitting it into your digital strategy. Let's join forces, innovate together, and elevate your engagement experience to new heights! 🚀

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So, What is a Thingy?

Picture an always-on, super chatty, and incredibly versatile AI personified as your ultimate conversation companion.

Thingy is a Closed & Narrow AI 

Give Thingy your data, content, videos, or whatever floats your boat, and voilà! Thingy will be as focused as a laser beam on whatever info you throw its way. Thingy is like having a super smart friend who only talks about stuff you're interested in when you ask.

Thingy is a Master of Disguise

Always on, ready to converse with you in all sorts of ways—whether you prefer typing away on your keyboard, having a good old-fashioned chat, or even watching a video of its digital avatar doing its thing. Plus, it's not just limited to chatting—it can dive into documents and resources too, all to make sure your interaction is as smooth as silk!


Just open up your browser, summon Thingy, and let the fun begin!


Thingy doesn't just speak one language — it's like a linguistic acrobat, flipping and twirling through a dazzling array of tongues!


Thingy works with Everything



"Since integrating Thingy into our healthcare platform, patient engagement has soared. With its intuitive interface and intelligent booking capabilities, patients find it easier than ever to schedule appointments and access care. 'Thingy' has revolutionized our patient booking process, streamlining operations and improving overall satisfaction."

Adam Brown
Co-founder, Physiotherapist, Cornerstone Physio

"At, Thingy isn't just a tool—it's become the heart and soul of our customer experience. With Thingy by our side, we've transformed the way we engage with our audience, forging stronger connections and sizzling success stories along the way."

Mick Scully (aka. Mr. Steak)
Founder, Mr. Steak
Grill Master Extraordinaire 🥩🔥

"Thingy helped us to create a "wow-factor" and fully automated patient acquisition and engagement workflow. The system ensures that we get a better insight into customer onboarding experiences, needs and desires."

Joon Nah
Co-Founder, Physiotherapist, Cornerstone Physio

"Thingy's Conversational Checkout is transforming transactions into conversations. We are not only reducing friction but also elevating engagement and driving conversion rates, propelling us towards our mission of financial empowerment with Micropay and TAPP."

Hassan Khan
Co-founder & CEO, TODAQ Micro

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