E-commerce / Social Commerce

In the digital age of shopping, e-commerce and social commerce platforms are relentlessly seeking innovative methods to enhance user experience, drive sales, and foster brand loyalty. 'Thingy', with its multimodal AI conversation engine, revolutionizes this space by offering personalized, interactive, and immediate assistance to both sellers and buyers.


Sophia runs a budding e-commerce business selling handmade jewelry. With the aim to increase conversions and build a loyal customer base, she integrates 'Thingy' into her online platform.

Implementation of Thingy

Text To Text

A customer, while browsing the jewelry collection, has a query about the type of metal used in a particular necklace. they type in their question and thingy, with its vast product knowledge, immediately responds with detailed information.

Speech to Speech with Text Display

Another shopper, preferring voice interactions, asks Thingy about the return policy. Thingy vocally provides the return guidelines, while also displaying the policy textually for the user's convenience.

Text or Speech to Talking Video Head

Considering a purchase, a potential buyer inquires about how a pair of earrings were made. Thingy’s video head offers a detailed, yet succinct response, bringing a personalized touch that's almost like conversing with Sophia directly.

Text or Speech to Talking Hologram Video (mobile phone only)

A young shopper, intrigued by a bracelet, uses her smartphone to ask Thingy how it might look when worn. A 3D hologram AI showcases the bracelet being worn, providing a near-real visualization.

Benefits of Thingy

Enhanced User Experience

Shoppers receive instant responses to queries, eliminating the wait and reducing cart abandonment rates

Boosted Sales

By promptly addressing concerns and showcasing products in interactive ways, Thingy assists in driving sales

Increased Trust

Transparency and immediate assistance establish trust, turning one-time buyers into loyal customers

Data Insights

Sellers can gather invaluable insights from the questions posed to Thingy, helping them refine their offerings and marketing strategies.
Efficient Inventory Management: Sellers can inquire about stock levels or get sales analytics on the go, making inventory management seamless.

For e-commerce and social commerce platforms, staying ahead of the curve is imperative. With Thingy, businesses not only streamline operations but also offer an enriched shopping experience. In a realm where customer interactions hold the key, Thingy is the tool that turns casual browsers into loyal brand ambassadors.

Medical Devices

In the rapidly-evolving world of medical devices, having instant access to a knowledgeable subject matter expert (SME) is invaluable. Whether you're a Healthcare Professional selecting the right device, a technician troubleshooting, or a patient seeking clarifications, the 'Thingy' multimodal AI conversation engine streamlines these interactions, making the entire process efficient, educational, and engaging.

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Training, Support, & Tracking Product

In an era where businesses are in perpetual evolution, effective training, robust support, and real-time product tracking become the trifecta of operational efficiency. 'Thingy', a groundbreaking multimodal AI conversation engine, emerges as a dynamic solution that reshapes these critical areas, enabling organizations to maintain peak productivity and foster unwavering client trust.

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Authors, Speakers, and Subject Matter Experts

For authors, speakers, and subject matter experts (SMEs), effective communication and engagement with their audience is crucial. 'Thingy', with its multimodal AI conversation engine, offers a unique avenue to amplify their reach, share their knowledge, and interact with followers in a deeply personalized manner.

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