Medical Devices

In the rapidly-evolving world of medical devices, having instant access to a knowledgeable subject matter expert (SME) is invaluable. Whether you're a Healthcare Professional selecting the right device, a technician troubleshooting, or a patient seeking clarifications, the 'Thingy' multimodal AI conversation engine streamlines these interactions, making the entire process efficient, educational, and engaging.


Dr. Clara Adams, a cardiologist, has recently acquired a new and advanced heart monitoring device for her clinic. While she has been trained on its basics, there are times she has specific questions or needs clarifications.

Implementation of Thingy

Text To Text

Dr. Adams, While Working On Her Computer, Types A Question About The Calibration Settings Of The Device.
Thingy, Equipped With SME Knowledge, Instantly Replies With A Detailed Textual Answer, Ensuring Dr. Adams Gets The Clarification Without Needing To Refer To Lengthy Manuals Or Call The Manufacturer.

Speech to Speech with Text Display

While with a patient, Dr. Adams verbally asks Thingy about the device's battery life and any maintenance tips. She gets an immediate vocal response, which is also displayed as text, allowing her to multitask and continue her examination.

Text or Speech to Talking Video Head

At home, Dr. Adams wants a more interactive experience. She asks Thingy about any software updates for the device, and a friendly AI video head responds, providing a personalized touch and visual connection.

Text or Speech to Talking Hologram Video (mobile phone only)

On the go, Dr. Adams uses her smartphone to inquire about the optimal storage conditions for the device. A 3D hologram of the AI SME appears, providing a futuristic and immersive reply.

Benefits of Thingy

Instant Access to Expertise

No more waiting on customer support lines or navigating through voluminous manuals. Thingy offers real-time expert advice.

Training & Onboarding

New medical staff can quickly get acquainted with the device, ensuring they use it to its full potential and maintain patient safety.

Patient Engagement

Patients can use Thingy to understand their treatment better, how a device works, or to get general information, fostering trust and compliance.

Continuous Updates

As the device gets software updates or new research emerges, Thingy’s knowledge base can be updated, ensuring everyone has the most recent and accurate information.

In the world of medical devices where precision, understanding, and timely decisions matter, Thingy serves as a game-changer. It bridges the gap between innovation and its users, ensuring that technology is not just advanced, but also accessible and comprehensible.

E-commerce / Social Commerce

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