Training, Support, & Tracking Product

In an era where businesses are in perpetual evolution, effective training, robust support, and real-time product tracking become the trifecta of operational efficiency. 'Thingy', a groundbreaking multimodal AI conversation engine, emerges as a dynamic solution that reshapes these critical areas, enabling organizations to maintain peak productivity and foster unwavering client trust.


MatrixTech, a leading tech hardware company, integrates 'Thingy' into its digital ecosystem to streamline employee training, bolster customer support, and enhance its product tracking system.

Implementation of Thingy

Text To Text

n employee, during her training phase, has a query about a technical procedure. She types in her question, and Thingy, backed by a comprehensive Knowledge Base, provides a clear, step-by-step answer, eliminating potential mistakes and speeding up her onboarding.

Speech to Speech with Text Display

A customer, facing issues with his newly purchased hardware, reaches out to the support via voice. Thingy immediately offers troubleshooting advice vocally while also providing a textual guide for the customer to follow along.

Text or Speech to Talking Video Head

To ensure employees are using equipment correctly, MatrixTech employs Thingy's video head to demonstrate equipment handling and safety protocols, providing a visual training resource that's available anytime.

Text or Speech to Talking Hologram Video (mobile phone only)

A distributor, keen on tracking the shipment of products, inquires via his smartphone. Thingy's hologram displays a dynamic 3D map, showcasing the product's journey and estimated delivery timelines, ensuring transparency in the supply chain.

Benefits of Thingy

Streamlined Training

Thingy's instantaneous responses and visual demonstrations make employee training more efficient, reducing the learning curve and fostering confidence.

24/7 Support

Customers or employees can get real-time assistance anytime, ensuring issues are promptly resolved and satisfaction levels remain high.

Enhanced Product Tracking

Real-time visual tracking through Thingy builds trust with partners and clients, and ensures timely interventions if required.

Feedback and Adaptation

Organizations can harness the data from interactions with Thingy to refine training modules, enhance support, and optimize product tracking mechanisms.

In the spheres of training, support, and product tracking, timely and effective communication is the key. With Thingy, organizations not only achieve this but do so with an interactive flair that resonates with modern users. Whether it's guiding a new employee, assisting a valued customer, or updating a partner, Thingy ensures it's done seamlessly, fostering efficiency and trust.

Medical Devices

In the rapidly-evolving world of medical devices, having instant access to a knowledgeable subject matter expert (SME) is invaluable. Whether you're a Healthcare Professional selecting the right device, a technician troubleshooting, or a patient seeking clarifications, the 'Thingy' multimodal AI conversation engine streamlines these interactions, making the entire process efficient, educational, and engaging.

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E-commerce / Social Commerce

In the digital age of shopping, e-commerce and social commerce platforms are relentlessly seeking innovative methods to enhance user experience, drive sales, and foster brand loyalty. 'Thingy', with its multimodal AI conversation engine, revolutionizes this space by offering personalized, interactive, and immediate assistance to both sellers and buyers.

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Authors, Speakers, and Subject Matter Experts

For authors, speakers, and subject matter experts (SMEs), effective communication and engagement with their audience is crucial. 'Thingy', with its multimodal AI conversation engine, offers a unique avenue to amplify their reach, share their knowledge, and interact with followers in a deeply personalized manner.

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