HR, Benefits, and Corporate Processes & Procedures

Navigating HR intricacies, understanding employee benefits, and following corporate processes can sometimes be daunting for employees. The clarity, accessibility, and ease of understanding these aspects are pivotal for a smooth-functioning organization. 'Thingy', equipped as a multimodal AI conversation engine, offers a transformative solution, streamlining the maze of HR and corporate procedures into intuitive, interactive dialogues.


AlphaTech, a leading software solutions company, incorporates 'Thingy' into its HR and administrative portal to facilitate effortless communication regarding HR matters, benefits, and other standard operating procedures.

Implementation of Thingy

Text To Text

An Employee, Curious About The Parental Leave Policy, Types In A Query. Thingy Swiftly Provides The Complete Details Of The Policy, Including Duration, Eligibility Criteria, And Associated Benefits.

Speech to Speech with Text Display

Planning for the year ahead, another employee verbally asks Thingy about the annual leave accumulation and carry-forward process. Thingy responds with an audible explanation, simultaneously showcasing a breakdown in text form for clarity.

Text or Speech to Talking Video Head

A new recruit, eager to understand the company's health benefits package, interacts with Thingy. The AI's video head provides a comprehensive guide, visually breaking down the different health packages, their coverage, and the claim process.

Text or Speech to Talking Hologram Video (mobile phone only)

To assist in internal audits, an executive uses their smartphone to seek clarity on a specific financial procedure. Thingy's hologram presents a 3D flowchart of the procedure, ensuring a vivid understanding of each step.

Benefits of Thingy

24/7 Accessibility

Employees can seek information at any hour, ensuring their queries are addressed promptly without waiting for traditional office hours.

Unified Information Source

With Thingy, there's a single, consistent source of information, reducing the chances of misinformation or misinterpretation.

Personalized Interactions

Employees can feel as though they're conversing with a personal HR representative, making the experience more engaging and comprehensive.

Efficient HR Operations

Routine queries can be handled by Thingy, allowing the HR department to focus on more critical tasks and strategic functions.

In the corporate realm, understanding HR policies, benefits, and various processes is vital for employee satisfaction and operational efficiency. With Thingy, these crucial aspects are demystified and made readily accessible. From decoding benefits packages to understanding intricate procedures, Thingy ensures that employees are always informed, confident, and well-guided in their professional journey.

Medical Devices

In the rapidly-evolving world of medical devices, having instant access to a knowledgeable subject matter expert (SME) is invaluable. Whether you're a Healthcare Professional selecting the right device, a technician troubleshooting, or a patient seeking clarifications, the 'Thingy' multimodal AI conversation engine streamlines these interactions, making the entire process efficient, educational, and engaging.

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E-commerce / Social Commerce

In the digital age of shopping, e-commerce and social commerce platforms are relentlessly seeking innovative methods to enhance user experience, drive sales, and foster brand loyalty. 'Thingy', with its multimodal AI conversation engine, revolutionizes this space by offering personalized, interactive, and immediate assistance to both sellers and buyers.

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Training, Support, & Tracking Product

In an era where businesses are in perpetual evolution, effective training, robust support, and real-time product tracking become the trifecta of operational efficiency. 'Thingy', a groundbreaking multimodal AI conversation engine, emerges as a dynamic solution that reshapes these critical areas, enabling organizations to maintain peak productivity and foster unwavering client trust.

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