Shopper speaking to a brand ambassador

In the intricate landscape of brand marketing and retail, creating a personal connection between consumers and brands is paramount. Enter 'Thingy', a state-of-the-art, multimodal AI conversation engine that transforms the traditional shopping experience into an immersive dialogue between the shopper and a virtual Brand Ambassador.


Jake is exploring an online store specializing in sustainable outdoor gear. While he's impressed by the product descriptions, he's eager to know more about the brand's mission, manufacturing processes, and the sustainability measures they adopt. This is where Thingy, personified as the brand's ambassador, steps in.

Implementation of Thingy

Text To Text

Jake types in a query about the materials used in a specific hiking boot. Thingy, as the virtual Brand Ambassador, promptly provides an informative response detailing the eco-friendly materials and sustainable practices employed.

Speech to Speech with Text Display

Curious about the brand's journey, Jake verbally asks about its origin story. Thingy recounts the brand's history, its founders, and milestones, all while displaying a concise text version for Jake's reference.

Text or Speech to Talking Video Head

Delving deeper, Jake questions the brand's community involvement. Thingy’s video head shares visuals of the brand's community projects, outreach programs, and collaborations, offering a personal and visual storytelling experience.

Text or Speech to Talking Hologram Video (mobile phone only)

While browsing through the store on his smartphone, Jake inquires how a particular product is made. Thingy's hologram provides a 3D visual representation of the manufacturing process, giving Jake an immersive behind-the-scenes view.

Benefits of Thingy

Personalized Brand Experience

Through Thingy, shoppers can converse with a brand on a personal level, deepening their connection and understanding.

Instant Information

Shoppers no longer have to navigate through multiple pages for information. Thingy provides immediate, detailed answers, improving user experience and fostering trust.

Enhanced Engagement

With visual and interactive representations, shoppers are more likely to engage, resulting in increased brand loyalty and sales.

Feedback Loop

Brands can gain real-time insights into customer queries and concerns, allowing them to adapt and refine their strategies.

In a competitive retail space, the personal touch can make all the difference. With Thingy, brands are equipped to provide shoppers with immediate, detailed, and immersive interactions, akin to having a one-on-one conversation with a brand ambassador. In bridging the gap between consumers and brands, Thingy elevates the shopping experience to new, unparalleled heights.

E-commerce / Social Commerce

In the digital age of shopping, e-commerce and social commerce platforms are relentlessly seeking innovative methods to enhance user experience, drive sales, and foster brand loyalty. 'Thingy', with its multimodal AI conversation engine, revolutionizes this space by offering personalized, interactive, and immediate assistance to both sellers and buyers.

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Training, Support, & Tracking Product

In an era where businesses are in perpetual evolution, effective training, robust support, and real-time product tracking become the trifecta of operational efficiency. 'Thingy', a groundbreaking multimodal AI conversation engine, emerges as a dynamic solution that reshapes these critical areas, enabling organizations to maintain peak productivity and foster unwavering client trust.

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Authors, Speakers, and Subject Matter Experts

For authors, speakers, and subject matter experts (SMEs), effective communication and engagement with their audience is crucial. 'Thingy', with its multimodal AI conversation engine, offers a unique avenue to amplify their reach, share their knowledge, and interact with followers in a deeply personalized manner.

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